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Maeil Story

Everyday, We Raise Questions and Give Answers

Maeil Dairies was founded in 1969 under the name of Korea Dairy Processing Company to help make the lives of people
healthier through milk products.

Continuing this founding philosophy to this day, Maeil remains committed to making our society healthier in a faithful manner of need to be ‘raising questions and giving answers everyday’.

Maeil is determined to create a new food culture through research and endeavors to pioneer a bigger history
by making a leap toward a global food company.
Here is the story of Maeil Dairies, who has never hesitated pioneering a road not taken.

“ We have always pioneered a road not taken. That is our mission and our duty. ”

Late Bok-yong Kim, former founding chairman of Maeil Dairies

CEO Message

For every product and every day, we first think about how to make the lives of our customers happier.

We thank all our customers for their trust and love for us. Over the past half century, based on our founding philosophy of 'Quality First' and 'Serve Our Country with Dairy Business', we have expanded our business into various fields, including milk, fermented milk, cheese, baby food, coffee beverage, juice, nutritional food and restaurant.

We have also grown as a reliable company with ten affiliates, including Sangha Farm, a farming theme park, and Zero to Seven, a baby product company.

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Beyond dairy products,

Maeil continues to write growing story as a food culture leading brand.

We build the history of Korean dairy products with developing and producing various products from dairy products(Milk, Yogurt, Cheese), baby food(Infant milk formula, Weaning food) to beverage(Coffee, Juice, Soymilk).
However, we continuously challenge for the various business areas based on a broad understanding of food culture.

Export Countries

Into the world

We have solidified our position as a global brand of premium baby foods and milk beverages through exporting to eleven countries around the world.


Factory Information

Plant : Pyeongtaek Plant
Established in : May, 1974
Plant Area: 37,064 m²
Products Produced: Milk formula, RTD coffee, juice, milk, processed milk, fermented milk, cream
Certificates: HACCP, FSSC22000, GMP, Organic Certification

Plant: Gwangju Plant
Established in: December, 1973
Plant Area: 4,423 m²
Products Produced: Milk, juice, soy milk, special purpose food (patient meal, baby food), ice cream mix
Certificates: HACCP, FSSC22000, Organic Certification

Plant: Gyeongsan Plant
Established in: October, 1978
Plant Area: 6,515 m²
Products Produced: Milk, processed milk, fermented milk, yogurt, cream
Certificates: HACCP, FSSC22000, Organic Certification

Plant: Yeongdong Plant
Established in: April, 2000
Plant Area: 14,467 m²
Products Produced: Baby food, nutritional drink, processed milk, juice
Certificates: HACCP, FSSC22000, GMP

Plant: Cheongyang Plant
Established in: May, 2002
Plant Area: 12,889 m²
Products Produced: Fermented milk, processed milk, RTD coffee
Certificates: HACCP, FSSC22000, Organic Certification

Plant: Sangha Plant
Established in: June, 2009
Plant Area: 23,303 m²
Products Produced: Cheese, milk
Certificates: HACCP, FSSC22000, Organic Certification

Plant: Asan Plant
Established in: February, 1991
Plant Area: 4,620 m²
Products Produced: Milk formula, nutritional powder
Certificates: HACCP, FSSC22000, GMP

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